Clinton Eastman

Who am I, what is my goal?

Well that is a question isn't it? I have been many things throughout my life, Army Sergeant, construction worker, tree trimmer, Photographer, and most important, husband. These are the things that I have done, but not who I am. That existential question is not something that I can really answer, but this I can say with truth, I give my clients all of my attention and passion. My goal is to capture a moment in your life that represents who you are and how you see yourself. It makes me happy to know that we are creating something together that your family and friends will look at over the years and appreciate and treasure. 

In this digital age, to often we lose photos of loved ones and ourselves  because of a crashed computer or a lost phone, let us take a moment and give it life through prints or canvas. A printed photograph is forever, it is a permanent connection to the past, and a way to preserve today for the future. These moments will be some of your most treasured possessions, so let us create memories  together that you will love and share for the rest of your life, and generations to come. 

2385 Corbett St, Jacksonville, FL 32204,  

Access to studio is around the corner on Marie St. 


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